An experimental space with a mission to bridge social and cultural gaps within the field of contemporary art, by working with and providing resources for under-represented artists.

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ANDRE MORGAN (b. 1993) has a formal practice as a street sweeper in Central London. Through his route, he makes many observations about the world from the perspective of a tall, black, male country and western music fan. His works are humorous and poetic, poking fun at neoliberal society and contemporary life whilst turning the mirror on his audience in mediums that range from watercolour and felt pen painting to airbrushed canvases where ghostly figures interact with slick inner city neighbourhoods in London.

Andre Morgan has collaborated with the gallery for a long time producing short films, animations and video games mostly with his unique gift of providing voice over and writing material. He never went to art school and is self taught.

Current Exhibitions:

How it all went wrong in Basel, Barely Fair Chicago, 2023 (duo)
Natural Born Car Salesman, Art Antwerp, 2023 (group)

Past Exhibitions:
Cities Entwined II, Paradise Row, London 2022 (group)
Juneteenth, Liste Basel, 2022 (solo)
Dub Inna Babylon, Brent Biennial, London, 2022 (group)
Telemarketing Acton ‘89 aka Game of Phones, Good Weather, Chicago, 2023 (solo)
Notting Hill Carnival, 2023 (group)

Upcoming exhibitions:
Yard Sale, Harlesden High Street, 2024 (solo)

Previously featured in
Mandy El-Sayegh - your words will be used against us, 2020

Oxford Circus, BBC Documentary, 2019