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CITY ENTWINED Curated by Mazzy-Mae Green
At Paradise Row
25 March - 7 May 2022
City Entwined celebrates the energy and richness of London's independent contemporary art scene at a significant moment in its history: a post-pandemic context which has seen substantial shifts in the gallery ecosystem.

It brings together a selection of independent and emerging artists, galleries and project spaces from across London in a two-part exhibition that offers not so much a survey of this creative scene, but rather a subjective snapshot intended to embody its spirit. Pairing each exhibiting artist with an affiliated gallery, it showcases the diverse, geographic, productive, economic, ideological and affective relationships between artists and the creative networks that surround them. Like a mycelial network, this complex web of connections structures a critical part of the city’s cultural ecosystem – a city entwined.

PART I 25 March - 9 April

San Mei Gallery - Laila Majid & Louis Blue Newby / Kupfer - Romeo Roxman Gatt / springseason - Florence Carr / Collective Ending - Billy Fraser - Gobyfish Collective / Off Site Project - Léa Porré / Ruby Cruel - Blue Curry - Bruce Cayonne / Ginny on Frederick - Jack O’Brien - Gal Schindler / Darren Flook - India Nielsen / Gallery No.32 - Erika Trotzig - Gabriela Pelczarska

PART II 14 April - 7 May

Harlesden High Street - Andre Morgan - Joe Cool / TACO! - Alex Frost / flat 70 - Ebun Sodipo / Fiumano Clase - Shadi Razaei / Indigo + Madder - Amba Sayal-Bennett / Filet - Sam Creasey / French Riviera - Nicholas Pankhurst / Commonage Projects - Taro Qureshi - Simone Mudde / Ridley Road Project Space

Joe Cool
Snoop Dogg ft Britney Spears - Scenes from Queens before the Onyx Hotel Tour #1
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
147 x 100cm

Andre Morgan
The struggle for Stonebridge
Oil on canvas
165 x 125cm

Andre Morgan
Lord Save Me