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Warm Vessels In Search Of Sunset
Private View: Friday 15th October 6-9pm
Exhibition open to the general public from the 16th October  - 14th November
Times: Wednesday - Saturday: 12am - 5pm


Internal energies exist within every object and body; ones we create and ones we seek out. They flow, they move, constantly changing shape and turning into something else. Energies shift into artefacts of human expression, appearing as tools, sculptures, songs and talismans of information.

How does an object come together? Time lines, history, belonging, skills, experience, ancestry, weather, love, beliefs. How does human expression take shape in material form?

From October 15 to November 14 Harlesden High St in Fleet St will become a temporary and alternative home to platform artefacts, both physical and digital, celebrating the creation of transitional states in which we can all bask in. Harlesden’s subversive mission, to bring art in temporarily empty properties, spaces in transition, works as an act of occupation. It is within this stirring, that a place for solace is created. 

Similarly art, artefacts and belongings become mobile places for solace that people craft when existing structures unsettle rather than support. Videos and objects are placed beside one another to become vessels for each other, releasing objects from the pre-determination of final form.

The artists featured work toward taking everyday life and abstracting it through investigation, memorial, and stop motion, removing borders between object, memory and artefact. How does removing these borders work as an addition rather than a subtraction? How can these actions work as portals to self and collective healing?

While we are in search of depth, warmth and connectivity - scenes of sunset and night, set the atmosphere and remind us of Time.

Featuring artists:
Jaffar Aly, Rebecca Bellantoni, Mandy Franca, Nour Jaouda, Adam & Zack Khalil, Emily Moore, Joshua Myszczynski, Issi Nanabeyin, Sena Tabea Nehme, Femi Oshodi, Benjamin Salmon and TaliaBle.

Curated by:
Ludovica Penelope Bulciolu and Brenna Horrox