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Two Day Sound System
As part of the Dub Inna Babylon series

Lunch: 15/10/22 12-3pm
Private View: 23/10/22 6-9pm
Finnisage: 26/11/2022 7-10pm
Exhibition open to the general public Friday and Saturdays 12-5
and by appointment 

from the 15 October 2022
to the 30 November 2022

Two Day Sound System is a group exhibition reflecting the cultural and aesthetic legacies of a recent installation by a group of artists in Notting Hill Carnival.

The exhibition transforms the space into a re-imagined rendition of the installations at NHC from the perspectives of artists living and working in the borough by bringing home the intervened works and also video documentation of the day. The exhibition celebrates the ways in which music culture was and is a means for making home, and for finding community and connection across cultures and generations.

Exhibiting Artists
Alvaro Barrington
Ruby Eve Dickson
Mandy El-Sayegh
Andrew Pierre Hart
Linett Kamala
Mattia MacCarthy
Heteronymous Painters
Selena Scott

Additional artist from Carnival Segment (27-29 August 2022)
Emmanuel Awuni  

Middle of the Room
Ruby Dickson ft Heteronymous Painters and Selena Scott
Reddie but NFS, 2022
Bill poster on Oriented strand board, intervened with grafitti stickers and flyers from passerbys
170 x 200cm

Mandy El-Sayegh
Skincare, 2022
Mixed media on Linen with silkscreened collage elements, intervened with spray paint from the public

Alvaro Barrington
Sound of the islands September 2022, 2022
Acrylic and oil on burlap in reclaimed wood and corrugated steel frame, drums

Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy
Anga, 2022
Airbrush on canvas
150 x 150 cm

Carnival sketch 1, 2022
Gouache and collage on paper in artist frame

Carnival sketch 2, 2022
Gouache and collage on paper in artist frame

Mandy El-Sayegh ft Linett Kamala
Two Day Sound System, 2022
2 channel video
Running time: 20 minutes

Andrew Hart
Generation Stealth, 2022
40 x 60cm

Sabina Francis donating food during Frieze Week

Ruby Dickson
Passion/Lady Saw Part II, 2022

Linett Kamala with Mandy El-Sayegh

Scatty with Laine Alicia James and Laurie G Barron


A follow up project to the initial exhibition, we presented three site specific works by Mandy El-Sayegh, Ruby Eve Dickson and Emmanuel Awuni

Skincare is site specific installation by Mandy El-Sayegh exploring the studio/street relation of her hyde works that will be displayed as an accumulating surface in the background of Notting Hill Carnival.
Whos walls is it anyway? Graffers deface, embolden, emblazon, fix or fight with the textures of the venue.

The skins were viewable during Notting Hill Carnival at 120 Talbot Road on 28th-29th of August

Ruby Eve Dickson - Reddie But NFS (Notting Hill Carnival Installation)
Bill posters on wooden structure intervened with the public’s grafitti taken outside Mario’s Locksmith, 132 Talbot Rd, London W11 1JA

Emmanuel Awuni - Rise and Show No Fear
In collaboration with PM/AM, we installed the board on a wooden structure prior to the initiation of Notting Hill Carnival, on the day of the carnival we found the board to have been moved due to Gaz’s Rock N’ Blues putting on some daft aquatic stage which had no relevance to Notting Hill Carnival other than to make a safe place for goofy middle class men like himself. We moved the board onto a nearby shop front and with the kindness of a local newsagent ‘OM Wines’ we managed to affix the board to another shop front with OS wooden boards to protect the glass. The entire board and our affixed one was then removed after NHC to become a work on it’s own.

Rise and Show No Fear in it’s original form

Rise and Show No Fear, 2022
Acryllic and oil paint on oriented strand board intervened with stickers and grafitti from passersby

Currently on show at Pipeline Contemporary

Meanwhile at Frieze London...

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