An experimental space with a mission to bridge social and cultural gaps within the field of contemporary art, by working with and providing resources for under-represented artists.

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Opening 25th Aug

Open by appointment until the 17th of October 2021
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This is for the Jeeps will feature an interactive memorial to two musicians who died 20 years ago, whose passing left a considerable impact on people in Black communities.

The project presents work from artists curated via both invitation and open-call, launching with an opening event that invites public contributions to a collaborative memorial shrine. Featuring music videos, electronic candles, fan-made apparel and other multimedia works, the exhibition culminates in a public expression of rememberance, collectively assembled by artists whose lives were touched by the departed.

"This is for the Jeeps" was conceived in response to a cultural gap in contemporary art in the United Kingdom and the perceived need to steward cultural references from Black communities in a context that prioritizes artist's voices rather than relegating them to an outsider economy within the mainstream arts industry.

Featured artists

Amanda Ali, Stacie Ant, Casandra Burrell, Charlita Hall,Mandy El-Sayegh, Lawrence Hubbard, Daniel Jasper-Anum, Mellenie Ling, Jasmine Monsegue, Goncalo NetoKO___OL, Eddie Otchere,Kalli Maria Teresa, Ocean Loren Baulcombe-Toppin and Yujia Wang

With a DJ set performance by

Ashleigh Edwards

Co-facilitated by

Halina Wiliams

Project management by

Katrina Man

Special thanks to Amir Dehghan

Screenings and workshops to follow
Romeo Must Die screening
Sunday 12th of September 7-9:30pm

Queen of The Damned Screening
Sunday 26th of September 7-9:30

Last Days of Lefteye Screening


Exhibition images

Mellenie Ling
I Care 4 U, 2021
Electronic candles running on Raspberry P.I. (pictured on the left and right of the shrine installation)

Goncalo Neto
Take My Hand and Come With Me, 2021
Pencil on A5 paper in metallic frame
15 x 21cm

Ocean Loren Baulcombe Toppin
For From Those in the Other Realm, 2021
Biodegradable tea bags, herbal blend: Sorrel/hibiscus, lavender, rose and butterfly pea

Lawrence Hubbard
Aaliyah and Lefteye This is For the Jeeps, 2021
Impact 207 gel pens and acrylic on canvas
45.72 x 60.96 cm

Casandra Burrell
Aaliyah Dana Haughton as I remember her, 2021
Airbrush on Tommy Hilfiger Fleece Jacket

Daina, 2021
Lacquer, acrylic and resin on dainese jacket with custom patches to replicate Aaliyah’s jacket from the video ‘More Than Woman’

Yujia Wang
We Need A Resolution, 2021
Airbrush on Tommy Hilfiger Hoodie

Yujia Wang
Too Street 4 T.V. , 2021
Airbrush on yellow Adidas jogging pants

Space Brat
Left Eye Legacy, 2021
Airbrush on cotton White Tee 
Image courtesy of Ian Ried and Vogue

Mandy El-Sayegh with Ayesha Tan-Jones and Ashleigh Edwards

Klein making an entrance

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