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Stacie Ant (b.1991) is a Russian/Canadian new media artist and curator based in Berlin. She graduated from OCAD University in Toronto in 2016, with a BFA in Integrated Media.
Ant draws on her experiences as a female artist while developing the critical views of our technologically-saturated contemporary society that inform her work. Using video, installation, and performance, Ant reinvents elements of contemporary culture through fictional, maximalist narratives. She often incorporates costumes, exaggerated makeup, composited scenery and 3D animation to ridicule the effects that mass reliance on technology has on popular culture. Stacie Ant’s character-driven work operates as a critique and rejection of the male gaze, particularly in terms of the objectification of women. She harnesses the very digital tools offered in a technologically-dependent world as a means of empowering female identity and sexuality. Often humorous, Ant’s work offers a way of looking at a fast-paced digital realm through a lens of irony and satire.

Ant’s recent exhibitions include Post Vision x Body Optimized, Beverly’s, New York and Just a Small Introduction to G funk Era - Harlesden High Street, London UK.


Selected Press: