An experimental space with a mission to bridge social and cultural gaps within the field of contemporary art, by working with and providing resources for under-represented artists.

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Harlesden High St
70 Forsyth St
New York, NY 10002
29th April 2022 - 31 August 2022

« I too often forget which of my experiences are from dreams and which are from reality »

Ruminations Of The Midnight Stroll reflects on the interstitiality of identity and contemplates the peripheries of human interactions within a societal and individual framework. The collective exhibition brings together works by international artists who explore the dynamics of desire and the imaginary through a variety of mediums and supports. The idiosyncratic works that adorn, inhabit and invade an anonymous apartment can be grasped among a series of visitor-objects that oddly efface the dichotomy of ‘work’ and ‘decoration’. While the virtual experience of the display distances the spectator from the Real, its domestic setting alludes to an intimate space of self-exploration and self-exposure.

The exhibition stages the figure of the contemporary flâneur who drifts through the hidden alleys of a big city, the quotidian objects that furnish an apartment, and the conflicting drives that pulsate our inner life. The character embarks on an onirical journey in which desire supplants the inhibitions that are imposed by the outside world and societal constructs. In the interstice between dream and reality, nature and construct, desire and fulfillment, the wandering eye sweeps the space of the apartment and touches upon the limits of desire, peeping through a closed door and uncovering the vicissitudes of the self and the other, of the self as other.

Text by Sofia Dati

Featuring new works by Joe Cool, Alyssa Davis, Nandi Loaf, Olga Polunin, Andre Morgan, Dominic Rabier and Ivy and Her Son

Photos by Miro Arva

The Path To Nowhere and everywhere , 2022
Install shot

From Left to Right
Ivy & Her Son
National Crip Day Catchin’ Dem Hotpoints ‘94, 2022
LED display board with custom logos and illustrations

Olga Polunin
The Friends, 2022
Pencil, ink, and pen on alluminum frame

Dr Maya Chan
Nature Boy, 2022
Soluble marken pen on glass lightbox

Dr Maya Chan
The Pervert Gets his Just Deserts (aka Pervert Man Becam Shark Fin Soup), 2018
Microwave with custom metal National label
LED screen custom fitted to the door

Ivy & Her Son
For Him It Was Just Tuesday, 2022
Bowl of mandarines in melamine soup bowl, with handwritten biro on the back of a bill envelope.
Ivy tells her son about some gypsies trying to steal her

Ivy & Her Son
Wrapped In Plastic Since '98, 2022
Air Max '98 with Church Interconental Shoe Horn (from 1992)

Olga Polunin
Reflection Of My Reflection, 2022
Oil and Gouache on Canvas

Ivy & Her Son
Digital Panel Into The Midnight Situation, 2022
Custom menu on home entertainment control panel

Ivy & Her Sons
Asmara Wins, 2022
Repurposed LED panel with animated gif

Andre Morgan
Artworks Aiming For Luxury, 2022
Install Shot

Andre Morgan
Natural Selection, 2022
Pencil Illustration on yellow paper
in rare Mallorca exclusive Ikea wooden frame

Andre Morgan
Western Society, 2022
Pencil Illustration in Maya's text book

Bathroom Of The Royal Court
Install Shot

Dr Maya Chan
Good Morning ‘96, 2022
Repurposed hand stitched towel celebrating the last year of independence in Hong Kong.
1996 was also the death of culture

Dr Maya Chan
Midnight Masks With Your Hosts Dr Maya Chan and Snoop Doggy Dogg, 2018
Laser cut 3D photo crystal of illustration

Dominik Rabier
mermaids02, 1995
Plastic Mermaid on Video Cd’s of early work by the artist

Dr Maya Chan
Please Have Hygiene Teeth, 2022
vinyl printed illustration on bathroom mirror
Install Shot

Dr Maya Chan
Please Make sure Sex to take sex tablet, 2018
Laser cut tin, with printed, raised illustrations

Ivy & Her Son
Smoke Not Allow Please Help Yourself, 2022
Garcian Cigarette packet with printed glossy cardboard

Miro Arva
The Neverending Nature of Self Absortion, 2022
Obscure photographia on Resin (piece in yellow at the back)

From Left to Right
Dominic Rabier
Nip, 19xx
Printed image on foam backing with film strips beneath and LED lights

Ivy & Her Son
Destination To Nowhere, 2018
Pioneer Laser disc custom cd-g menu playing ‘the Destination to nowhere’ video work (pixel animation and ink illustrations)

Nandi Loaf
The Crucible, 2022
Cast brass Crucifix

Joe Cool
Passive Smoking On This Side of Long Beach, 2022
Custom Cigarette Dispenser with illustration

Alyssa Davis (accessed October 3, 2017), 2017
Digital video capture of website

Ivy & Her Sons
National Television, 2022
Repurposed LCD television with National metal bar badge and custom alluminium bevel

Olga Polunin
Baby Maya and Sofia, 1999
Oil and gauche on Canvas

Ivy & Her Son
Stay Go Or Di̶e̶ , 2022
Playable dating sim on luggage with dot matrix screen

Dr Maya Chan
Not Shoes Allowed, 2022
Printed plastic sign

Ivy & Her Son
Peter Lou Access To The Red Dynasty, 2022
Ang Pao with hidden WeChat Access

Asmara Rabier
Fanta Nam Daeng ‘93, 2022
Installation representing the blood sacrifice we offer to our ancestors through red fanta.
From Left to right

Justine Aubrit
Animated by Qiao Chen
Bokete Ikkyu-San, 2018
Animation on LED Screen

Ralph Bashki
Scenes From American Pop, 1981
Window vinyl

Dr Maya Chan
Red Fanta Nam Daeng, 2018
Repurposed water dispenser and refidgerator, fitted with
plastic backlit Red Fanta sign and fridge filled with Red Fanta bottles from Nam Daeng, Thailand

Annika Shwartz
Bokete Ikkyu-San - Praying, 2018
Illustration on wall