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Solo Show:            


Rather be your lover

            With works by

Bones Tan-Jones,
Angelique Heidler,
Clémentine Bedos,
Emmanuel Awuni,
Damian Griffiths,
Giacomo Serpani,
Joshua Hopping,
Randa Asma Osman
            Curated by Harlesden High Street & Underground Flower
12 Feb 2018 13:00-14:11

Man With Tree Lump House (dream)

I fell asleep briefly and I was in a Viet friend's house (may have been Asmara's friend Brendan). It was a small place that was quite cluttered but was very clean and had new grey carpet that was soft and good to walk on. When we entered the house you take the stairs straight into the basement. It was all carpeted and brightly lit. I was in a room where Brendan was studying and it had two high bench tables and it was a cube room. As I came down the stairs (which was in the far left corner of the viewer's perspective). There were two televisions on the North and East part of the room. On the North wall there was a scene from a game that maybe Brendan was working on. It was a parking lot outside an office block with the dark blue tint you find at nighttime in 16-bit video games. There were two cars in the middle of the parking lot. Then a countdown appeared '3,2,1 GO' suddenly two little racing figures (one in red and one in yellow) jumped out their cars and ran as fast as they can into the building and they crashed through the glass architecture and the bottom of the building caught fire. The one in yellow won. 'Winner' said the commentator in an English/Japanese accent.

I then went up the stairs and I saw Brendan's dad walking past and there was a metal gate and fence around me. As I reached the metal gate which was about 2 foot high I saw a card sign. It said 'please go outside and use the front entrance' so you'd have to go downstairs and come back up to another exit to the front door to come back into the ground floor interior. I didn't want to as I didn't have my shoes as they were on the ground floor. I wanted to climb over but suddenly I looked to my left and the fence was high and the ceiling was too low to go through so didn't want to jump over the gate incase I broke it. Brendan's dad came by and he was bald, short and portly man with a tiny moustache (well thin like tiny cat whiskers) who was approximately in his mid 50's-early 60's. Brendan's dad told me that the gate is broken so I have to go back down. Brendan came up the stairs and asked what the problem was. His dad said 'are you boys ready for tonight?' (I can't recall but I think we were preparing for Chinese New Year so was going to get masks or something). Brendan's dad said 'if you aren't then I can give you a tree mark like mine' to which he turned around and showed us the caved part of the back of his neck which was a shade darker of brown than him (he was tanned) and it had three thick lumps that looked like a bulldogs cheeks or a plate of folded crepes. 'No thank you' said Brendan 'I've got mine ready'. I'm not sure what happened next.

Shout out to the world leaders, to the Jeffreys and Karens, to the people that hate us and all those who have kept us down throughout this period. Peace

<< ✌🏾 >>

~ Jonny Tanna

    With a text by Jonny Tanna    | Curated by Harlesden High Street & Underground Flower