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Night Market Vol. 1
Curated by Klara Vincent-Novotna

28th April - 5th June 2019
Private view: 27th April 2019 6-9pm
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Full press release and list of works here

Night Market Vol 1 is the first in a series of interventions exploring the bootleg as a distorted mirror of global Capital. Reflecting our market-driven ambitions and nostalgias, challenging the defined boundaries and definitions imposed by mass branding, the bootleg commands a chorus of unauthorized voices which mutate around familiar and established characters and brands. unleashing potential to alter hegemonic aesthetic forms. Any object of commodity follows a predictable curve: a spike in the market carves out room for a shadow economy of knock-offs, which allows consumers to engage or possess something they might not otherwise have access to. These, in turn, become objects of desire - performing an oblique dance with narratives of authenticity, visibility, and recognition. The thrill of possessing a coveted brand is amplified by the slightly-shady peculiarity of an unoffical copy, and fan-made media has the ability to destabilise the canon by altering or adding to the original storyline. This ultimately reflects demand; knockoffs exist in symbiotic dependence with the luxury brands which need them in order to demonstrate insatiable and wildfire desirability. In particular, Western monoliths of branding and the conditions of material production that evince specific global hierarchies are both fed and disrupted by copies, which endlessly permutate a brand's reach while revealing inherent flaws and artifice. As a creative practise, bootlegging suggests a poetic disregard for the norms of status-enforcing systems, negotiating class differences by adapting media and materials in inventive ways that resist the use value of the original, and using capital to do things it wasn't designed to do. Fan sites are more interesting than official ones, released albums are never as cool as their unofficial versions, and knockoff fashion hits the mark in ways the originals can only hint at; as a shapeshifting shadow of something authentic, a bootleg says more than an original ever could: . Half-doppleganger and half-thief, it signals the market death of the legitimate form, while paradoxically engaging its aura as an object of pure desire. Night Market v.1 presents a collection of such forms - illicit, janked up, unauthorized, and unmeasurably alluring. Everything you could possibly want starts here: under moonlit awning, illuminated in faint glow.

Artists Included
Youada, Jim Feng, Kiki Jiao, Tan Ray Tat, Ala Flora, Simon Hanselmann, Lawrence ‘Raw Dog’ Hubbard, Alex Rathbone, Castell Lanko, Mizucat, Twee Whistler, David Sayre

Night Market - Gallery Exterior view, 2019
Vinyl on the shutters
Image: Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė YGRG14X reading with the single hand V, 2018, Cell Project Space, London. Installation View.
Video, handmade carpet, Conipur Pro clay dust, handmade curtain, chroma sand
Dimensions variable.
Image courtesy Cell Project Space and the artists. Photography Rob Harris.

Interior of the gallery door
Simon Hansellman - Megasex Bootleg, 2019 (left)
Vinyl on door and right wall

Ala Flora - SM + Luna, 2019
Ala Flora - Black Cat Chibusa, 2019
Acrylic on A3 Card

Night Market Install View

Alex Rathbone - Do You Believe in God, 2018
Acrylic on canvas
140 x 90cm

Dave Sayre
Tengoku no sake no tame ni, 2019
Acrylic on cardboard
38 x 121cm

Dave Sayre
Hashire, Hashire, Hashire, 2019
Acrylic on cardboard
38 x 121cm

Eastside of the Market

Lawrence Hubbard - REAL DEAL issue 6, 2019
Pencil, Felt tip, ink and photo on lightbox
17 x 33cm

Youada – Samate Gifs, 2019
Animated paintings on Sony PSP and Nintendo 3DS

Stacie Ant – Linda’s Runaway, 2018
Video work on a Nokia N95

Kiki Jiao - Lil Jet, TOY & Anoryz Lim bootleg poster/tube, 2019
A3 Poster rolled up in clear poster tube, with clear hanging plugs 32 x 6.5cm

Westside of the Market

Justine Aubrit – Body AI Perfume, 2019
Translucent 3D Printed bottle with metal embossed card box
Dimensions variable

Jim Feng x Adrian Lam – KHHLOE, 2019
Transparent vinyl shopping bag with printed digital illustration

Jyn Wye – Call 911, 2019
Asthma spray with custom acrylic painted Sailor moon character

Charlotte-Maëva Perret - The Riot Collection, 2015
Digital print on cotton, hanging on metal rail

Charlotte-Maëva Perret - Digital Dispersion, 2015
DVD on floating shelf

Self Exploration Vol. 1, 2019 Lenticular plexi in alluminum frame Uncle Jon, 2019
50 x 60 cm

Nobita & Janet - City Night Hunters in search of that unfavourable plaque, 2019
Vinyl on mirror

Night Market concludes at Night with a different vinyl on the gallery window