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Looking into the Shimmer pt. 2
Private View: 24th Feb 2023 6-9pm
Open by Appointment
Book here to visit

Harlesden High Street presents Savannah Marie Harris's debut - Looking Into The Shimmer. This solo exhibition delves into being without an agenda, the intention is to consider what does the antagonist truly remember.

Looking into the Shimmer will be on display at 96 Chalton Street, NW1 1HJ from 4th - 21st of February 2023. It will immediately continue its presence at Harlesden High Street, NW10 4NJ from the 24th of February 2023 - 18 March 2023.

Savannah Marie captures a space of complexity where the audience rifles through their own remembrance as they take the journey through the carved and layered painting before them.

There is a conversational harmony between Savannah Marie and the canvas as oil is applied and eroded in the same breath.

Indulging in an intuitive art practice leads the current Royal College of Art (2021-2023)  attendee, into paths of the familiar and nostalgic,  with only the fluid intentions to feel. Memory is dared to annihilate the decision making based on future brush strokes, instead Savannah Marie audaciously invites her mind to places she doesn't recollect yet has emotionally and spiritually been before.

The exhibition will be open by appointment

Looking into the Shimmer Part 2
57 High Street, London NW10 4NJ

Tamer Animal
150 x 150cm
Oil, oil stick, sand on canvas

Moving Tides
120 x 160cm
Oil, oil stick, sand on canvas

Crossing the Horizon
190 x 200 cm
Oil, oil stick, marble dust and sand on canvas

Smaller stretched painting intervened into the work
55 x 55cm
Oil, oil stick, marble dust and sand on canvas 

Catch me
120 x 140 cm
Oil, oil stick, sand on canvas

Seeds of the Dandelion
120 x 160cm
Oil, oil stick, sand on canvas

Cloth rag with ducktape and plastic
Dimensions Variable

Looking into the Shimmer Part 1 
Offsite at 96 Chalton Street, NW1 1HJ

Savannah Marie Harris
Collision, 2023
Oil, oil stick and cuban sand on Canvas
190 x 200cm

Reaching the lighthouse, 2023
Oil paint, oil stick on canvas
120 x 140cm

A trick of the light, 2023
Oil paint, oil stick on canvas
190 x 230cm

Has Ended, 2023
Oil paint, oil stick on canvas
45 x 60cm

Disoriented, 2023
Oil paint, oil stick on canvas
25 x 25cm

Savannah Harris (b. 1999) practice can be read as a stream of consciousness that ebbs and flows into complex environments. Intuitively entangled with colours, light and textures. The act of painting becomes performative as she continuously deconstructs the space unravelling in the moment. Absorbed in the process vibrant colours bleed through, large gestural strokes dilute into muddy stains and what is left is remnants of collapsing surfaces.

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Upcoming Group projects
Wilder Gallery, London, April 2023
Gillian Jason, London, May 2023
Independent Art Fair, NY, May 2023
The Clover Mill Residency, Netherlands, 2023
Fold Fitzrovia, London, 2023
Daniel Lippitsch, Vienna, 2023

Selected Press
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