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Imagining Otherwise, May 23—Jun 6 2022
Presented by The Who Gallery and Harlesden High Street
Hosted by D Contemporary

Imagining Otherwise is a promotion of black culture through an unfiltered gaze. Unrelenting and uncompromising, the exhibition seeks to portray black creativity in its raw and unapologetic advancement and social inclusion.

A reference point for this exhibition is taken from black feminist author, activist, and thinker Lola Olufemi, who’s work focuses on intersectionality “Experiments in Imagining otherwise” (2021). Within her work she introduces a collection of experimental essays, short stories, and poems with an underlining provocation “I want you to remember that most things are an invention.” With this gesture, she posits that our interpretations of reality are products of socially and culturally constructed objects. In her critique and radical rebellion against the systems created by capitalism (i.e. racism, homophobia, sexism, climate emergency, ableism or classism), she engages in attempts to develop strategies to deal with its ongoing political crises.
Jamiu Agboke
Miya Browne
Paulette Coke
Ruby Dickson
Rayvenn D'Clark
Mattia Guarnera
Christina Kimeze
Aaron Kudi
Bernice Mulenga

Crime and Corruption by Paulette Coke

Ruby Eve Dickson with Jamiu Agboke