We are a POC run space with a mission to bridge social and cultural gaps within the field of contemporary art, by working with and providing resources for under-represented artists. We operate across several sites in London.

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Hotel 419

Since 2016, Tanna reset his practice and curated ‘Hotel 419’. This exhibition included an array of student and well-established artists gathered to compliment a hotel room, the whole functioning as a single piece. Photography, painting, cartoons, and sculpture were displayed in the installation, depicting a clean but suspect hotel room where a murder may have taken place. A video game was hidden within the room. Once activated, it enabled the viewer to interact with the installation and dig deeper into the clues. The concept behind this was to
question the idea of success and moreover, to channel the artists’ past and present, revealing their vulnerabilities.

Hotel 419 depicts a journey inspired by the complex issues surrounding the definition of success, by juxtaposing three layers within the space to represent the socially perceived levels of personal achievement. The first room stands as a representation of poverty, through the depiction of an old video rental store. The middle passage features images by two photographers involved in contrasting practices, one in editorial and the other in
street photography. The final room, Hotel 419, explores a thematic collaboration between established and emerging artists. This took stage as a murder scene, paired with a video game titled ‘Erotic Evening’. The purpose of the game was to enable the viewer to revisit
the show and explore new forms that took place throughout. Clues were hidden within the works, in an evolving environment that would often form new routes to finding the answer.

The exhibition featured both early career and established artists, the latter concealed from the press to surprise the viewer. This concept ties into Tanna’s practice of cross-cultural configuration, forming a dialogue between generations.

Featuring works by Miro Arva, David Blandy, Marie-Aimee Fattouche and Ed Fornieles.

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