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Emmanuel Awuni & KO___OL

A cold world that’s why we hold heat.

Hosted by
Sadie Coles HQ
62 Kingly St, London W1B 5QN

Private View: 16.10.21 6-9pm
Exhibition open to the general public
from the 8th of October
to the 28th October 2021

Programmed by Sam Will
Hosted by Sadie Coles HQ

Virtual Exhibition Click Here

List of Works


  1. Emmanuel Awuni
    B.rabbit, 2021
    Spray paint on front door

  2. Emmanuel Awuni
    Dream, 2021
    sculpture, stoneware, QR_code

  3. Emmanuel Awuni
    Untitled, 2021
    Breeze block, druget, MDF, tape, oil sticks

  4. Emmanuel Awuni
    Untitled, 2021
    Oil on Canvas
    45 x 36cm

  5. Emmanuel Awuni
    Holding Heat, 2021
    Oil on canvas
    45 x 36CM 

  6. KO___OL
    Skip 2 My Lou (Linea Rossa), 2021
    Installation description:
    Inspired by the cinematography of Malik Sayeed in the 1995 film Clockers - S2ML interrogates athletic exceptionalism, innocence, idolatry, paranoia & sacrifice through symbolism & materials and pop culture.
    Chrome, stainless steel, ribbon, tape, bandage, velvet, vinyl, prada, wicker , glass

Opening Night (16 Oct 2021 6-11pm)
As tradition with HHS, we tend to throw a street party to launch the exhibition
Special shoutout to Sam Will and Anwar Akbur (R.I.P.) for supporting the night

Josiane M.H. Pozi with Puer Deorum

Ed Coles and Sam Will

PK on the mic with Chamber45 on the decks 

Jenkin Van Zyl

Yasmine Akim

Harriet Taylor

Lucía Ríos González with Josiane M.H. Pozi

KO___OL with Josiane M.H Pozi

KO___OL with Sam Will and Ed Coles

Klein with Josiane

KO___OL with Sadies Coles and Emmanuel Awuni

KO___OL with Emmanuel Awuni

Kelsey Anne Corbett and Tatiana Boré

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