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Harlesden Safari Shop Vol. 1:
Where Do We Go From Here?
3rd Floor
23/24 Margaret Street

Opening 25th July 2020 3-8pm
The exhibition will be open until the 10th of October Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm
In accordance to safety guidelines, we are making the space accessible for 10 persons at a time per 30 minutes, book your slot here

Emmanuel Awuni, Clémentine Bedos, Ibiye Camp, Farrah Riley Gray and Randa Asma Osman

Harlesden Safari Shop Vol 1: Where Do We Go From Here? is an exhibition of an ongoing discussion, exploring the engagement of art away from institutional values and framework. Through this collaborative process, Harlesden Safari Shop symbolises a space in which complex conversation can occur. This exhibition makes use of the transformative nature of an art space, redefining public interaction with art, encouraging new audiences to participate and explore new forms of artistic practice.

We have been trying to explore how to present & question access to art and the importance of culture in our everyday life.
As part of the invite we would like you to participate in our short anonymous survey.

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This exhibition will take place in one of our Fitzrovia sites:
3rd Floor, 23-24 Margaret Street
London, W1W 8RU

Nearest tube station: Oxford Circus Station

Open Wednesday – Saturday, 12PM – 6PM (only by appointment. Please use this link to book in advance)

Safety Measures:
Our first priority will be to make sure we are keeping visitors safe. Access will be made via this link only. Please book to ensure access, we cannot accept more than 10 visitors per 30 minute sessions to maintain that we keep in measure with government guidelines

Step free route available via lift to exhibition space.
Lift measurements: entrance 65inch (inside dimensions : 121 x 94 inch)

There are no wheelchair accessible toilets in the building. The nearest accessible toilets can be found at the pub The Champion located on 12/13 wells street (5min walking distance).

No artificial lighting in exhibition space.

No loud sudden sounds will be present in any work.

No strobe lights/flashing images will be present in any work.

Online viewing room:
Underground Flower

With workshops and talks to be announced

Special thanks to the staff at Harlesden Safari Shop in Harlesden for their tremendous support and lending their usage of their store 

Exhibition images

Randa Asma Osman
Dropping Tablets like I was moses, 2020
Wooden frame with string and tablet
40 x 50cm

Randa Asma Osman
Lost in Translation, 2020
Wooden frame with string
40 x 50cm

Randa Asma Osman
The parallels between Brent and Eritrea got me.., 2020
Some lead I found and some copper shit hanging around the back
Dimensions Variable

Randa Asma Osman
Stonebridge needs no introduction, hit the bricks, 2020
Bricks from a site I escaped

Emmanuel Awuni
Exodus Installation, 2020
Ceramic, screen print, spray paint, paper, Synthetic hair, Thread, Voile, Glue on Metal bar
ink druget, board, synthetic hair, acrylic on tarpaulin

Emmauel Awuni
Shine II, 2020
Glazed ceramic

Emmanuel Awuni
Escaping the bleak, pursuing a feeling, 2020
Bisqued terracotta, spray paint

Emmanuel Awuni
Hold Tight II, 2020
bisqued chucky black, spray paint, synthetic hair, print photo

Emmanuel Awuni
PENTAX film, Photograph
6 x 4 inches

Clementine Bedos
Great to Chew, Even Better To Share, 2020
Installation Shot

Clémentine Bedos
MUCOSA #1, 2020
Silicone, bubblegum essential oil

Clémentine Bedos
MUCOSA #2, 2020
Nike Air Max 95, silicone
Uk size 6.5

Ibiye Camp
Polygons and Peels, 2020
Oil paintings on peels with metal structure, digital pad
With custom AR programme

Ibiye Camp
Behind Shirley, 2020
Behind the scenes research documentary
on Polygons and Peels
Running time: 5’50

Farrah Riley Gray
Together, 2020
Synthetic hair, Thread, Voile, Glue on Metal bar

Emmanuel Awuni
Where Do We Go From Here?, 2020
Plinth with acrylic paint

Randa Asma Osman
The Bridge, 2020
Video work on concrete block
Running Time: 6mins

JJ Charlesworth’s review on Safari Shop Vol. 1 in Art Review (November 2020)