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Farrah Riley Gray’s (b. 1994) practice has a focus on misogynoir and the experiences of Black Women. Working through textiles, audio, and text, how marginalised communities can be given representation in-with art and art spaces. Her focus in a modern-day archival of the stories and skills passed down to her.

Riley Gray is interested in the rituals in fabric and weaving materials, how they can convey relationships between culture, race, gendered product making; and their possibility to hold a story of an individual or group. She believes that textiles are often highly emotional for their makers and owners, and due to being associated with women’s work, it has led to it being a means to document women’s histories. In particular, Black Women, whose stories are often erased. While also considering there to be a language in fabric and other weaving materials, that can tell us about being in a diaspora that other archival or historical sources, such as those that are written, cannot; or that has been whitewashed and/or appropriated by western culture.
Riley Gray is currently Youth Platform Coordinator and Project Assistant for Create Civic Change at Peckham Platform.

Recent Exhibitions include:
Hair, Untold Stories Horniman Museum, London 2021
After Hours, Bowes-Parris, London 2020
Harlesden Safari Shop Vol. 1, Harlesden High Street, London, 2020
Weaving Archives, Goldsmiths, London, 2020
Knotted, Deptford X, London, 2019

Selected Press:
Goldsmiths Preview on Knotted
The Christine Risley Award 2019
Contemporary Arts Society: Artists to Watch