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29th Nov 2018 - 16th Jan 2019
The Generation Of Choice, Gern En Regalia (hosting Harlesden High Street)
55-19 Metropolitan Ave. Ridgewood NY 11385

Harlesden High Street is proud to present ‘The Generation of Choice,’ the third iteration in a series of projects that employ both physical and online platforms to realize integrative, collaborative exhibitions. Involving over twenty-five emerging artists, ‘The Generation of Choice’ is informed by the history and lasting cultural memory of Tower Records — a company founded by a small group of music lovers whose specific tastes helped define the sounds of an era and whose retail enterprise expanded to become a global phenomenon.

With this presentation, the cultural output and creative identity of Generation X in 1990s New York is reimagined by a group of American and British artists whose work provokes a romantic view of that period. These artworks make direct references to the street culture, film, video games, and action figures that came out of the 1990s.
It has been said 1996 was the beginning of the end of culture. ‘The Choice of a Generation’ aims to achieve an insight into the stretch of time which surrounds this supposed calamity by recalling idiosyncratic media and entertainment history from this period through the guise of Tower Records. This project attempts to grapple with what it means for an iconic international media franchise to be faced with decline at the end of the 1990s and the related economic violence associated with the progression of media technologies into the new millennium. 

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Steve Gee
Joseph McGehee
Mario Miron
Avery Noyes
Asmara Rabier
Guy Oliver

special guest appearance by Jon Spinelli

Avery Noyes - A Time-Plated Paradise Lost (From Utena, Thanks Ross), acrylic on canvas, (2018)

Steven Gee - Look at that subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful thickness of it, sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, Wall vinyl (2018)

Guy Oliver - We Got To Move These Color TVs, acrylic on laser disc, (2018)

Asmara Rabier - Untitled, Calculators with repurposed liquid crystal display, (1983)

Uknown - Wise desicions,based on lies we livin', Digital print on sweatshirt, (2018)

Ivy and her son - The End Of The New Generation, 6 hour video compilation of archive and rare footage blended to seemlessly appear as a single broadcast on MTV 1993 (2018)

Avery Noyes - My Body Will Become Wind, Resin, epoxy, spray paint (2018)