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Episode 1: Midnight Cinema
The exhibition looks at various modes of cultural indoctrination found within contemporary video gaming and mainstream music, and also looks at the rise of nostalgia for older forms of entertainment, like A/V and VHS. It also has an interest in exposing the exhibition itself as “a mechanism for coping with the vulnerability of the artistic self by repurposing cultural layering into new forms of content.

Harlesden High Street - Exterior

Thomas Hamen x Joe Cool
Snoop Hangin' On & Pacified By Dat Ol' Chicken Wire, 2017
Mixed media illustration on acrylic glass
50 x 70cm

Joe Cool x Thomas Hamen
Manufactured Since '97, 2017
Custom Action Figure with breadboard wire
and fishing wire
Dimensions Vary

Eden Mitsenmacher Tordjman
Somebody Like U, 2017
Video worked specially converted
to a Sega Game Gear

Valentin Rillet
White Water The Movie, 2017
Custom Drinking Fountain with Illustration
on paper in felt tips and pencil

Roxanne Gatt
Like Two Dead Lovers, 2017
Pillows made from jesomite plaster

Jeanette Hayes
Ok Bulma, 2017
Oil on wood panel
H 30.48 cm x W 30.48 cm x D 2.54 cm

Lara Joy Evans
Tagging Forms of the suckling young #1 & #2, 2017
Silicon Breasts on Metal Television Brackets

Ayçesu Duran
Gently like a river of mandibles, and a parrot's eyelide, 2017
Installation Shot

Ayçesu Duran
Crescent, 2017
Honeydew Melon left to ripen on a Wittner metronome

Re-purposing the artistic self in the face of cultural indoctrination for Midnight Cinema at Harlesden High Street