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Charlie Pike
14 - 27 June 2021

The identities of digitally captivating LGBT bodies are shown through the installation and portrait paintings of Kai, Munroe, Bimini, PJ and Marsha. Translating as visibility and something to be seen amongst the surrounding businesses in Harlesden.

Within the space, a cubed frame stands centre focus titled 4DLGBT. Navigating itself as an object to foundational relations whereby it functions as something of the size to a child playhouse; a space which negotiates values of fantasy, play and reality. Operating as a 4-dimensional tesseract; the portraits motive in the work projects ideals beyond the canvas, contributing to discussion and thought on identity, while physically being sat within a 3D frame.

Pike’s interest in these figures stems from an upbringing of otherness and near to no LGBT role models. Positioning these figures into a space of subjectivity provides an influential impact on identity into existence and allows for acceptance to be voided with respect to acknowledgement of physicality.

The exhibition takes place within an inner-city borough in North West London, where works typical of contemporary art presentations are apposed with offsite placements in cab offices, butchers, off-licenses and grocery stores. Viewers are invited to experience the work within the gallery walls as well as in the surrounding environs - exploring questions of access to contemporary art, and what may be taken for granted.

Recent exhibitions include: Works from home, Hundred Years Gallery, 2021, First in first out, Protein Studios, 2021

Exhibition Images