A BIPOC experimental space that has an art programme as well as a public one engaging a local community as well as giving support to those without access to a visual arts network.

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DANKCollective - Not To My Taste (with AVD uVZiON)
31st August - 28th September 2019

In a future similar to our present, humans have merged with the network and are living symbiotically with and within the ‘infinite stream’.

Corporate giants have taken advantage of this reliance and are using it as a fulcrum to push their controlled content, propaganda and advertisements.

A group of clandestine hackers attempt to break free from the bondage of the ‘infinite stream’ by modifying their personal cybernetic anatomy with homebrewed modular gadgets. In doing so they discover the ability to stream visualisations of their minds directly to the smarterphones.

Soon underground subcultures emerge using these body-mods as a form of creative expression and personal freedom. These streams of consciousness are served as nodes on hidden hacked networks which are inconceivable without the right access drivers.

Global tech giant AVD, paying particular attention to their trends and insiders, notice the beginnings of an auto-consumer rebellion fronted by the creation of these hacked devices. In response a similar commercial product called ‘AVD uVZION’ is shipped out to the masses.

Employing their favourite content creators ‘Dank Collective’ to be the face of ‘uVZION’, AVD are intent on undermining the subcultures and bringing the auto-consumers back to heel.


DANKCollective - Not To My Taste

In partnership with AVD uVZiON

To celebrate the launch of its new uVZiON personal streaming service AVD have partnered with the biggest content creators on the planet DANKCollective to bring to life a fully interactive series of digital and IRL events, performances and screenings. With exclusive access to the AVD uVZiON during its development DANK will be the first creators to stream on this revolutionary new device.

Closing party: Friday 27th of September 2019

AVD is a collaborative digital art project


DANKCollective is made up of artists Grant Bingham, Tori Carr, James Hopkins, Ian Williamson and Zen Khalid. Existing predominantly online- posting degenerated images, memes, internet trash, and grotesque infotainment, we focus on the absurdity, humour, and violence of post-irony culture. The Sacred Nugget has been the focus of our recent endeavours. DANKWater + delicious cheesy corn based snacks (off-brand wotsits) creates a mixture that is first malleable and easy to work with, if not a little sticky but when left to dry takes on a life of its own.

Exhibition Images
Courtesy of Sam Hailey

List Of Works
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when the party over but u still trippin

A post shared by DANK (@dankcollective) on Sep 30, 2019 at 1:13pm PDT

1. Area of Self Reflection
sofa, live scoreboard

2. The Sacred Nugget
steel, perspex, mixture of branded and non-branded wotsits, water
100cm x 100cm x 100cm

3. Character Meet and Greet/Signing
table, green screen, phone, computer, printer, Sharpie

Dank Water


Prawn Boy

4. Prawn Pool
wood, MDF, paint, skips

Fizz Fizz
paint, cardboard

Melt Melt
paint, cardboard

They Disappear
paint, cardboard

silk, cotton, paper


uVZiON personal interactive stream

Nugget Lord

5. Throne
chair, wood, MDF, paint, mixture of branded and non-branded wotsit packets

6. The Simple Life
100 decent digital inkjet prints
210cm x 300cm

Cotton, spandex


uVZiON personal interactive stream

Worm Person

7. Costume
faux fur, toy stuffing, modroc, paint and fimo clay


uVZiON personal interactive stream

Dead Boy the Kid

8. No Fear Coffin
wood, MDF, paint, No Fear stickers

9. Kayfabe
wood, MDF, raspberry pi, screen

PVC, cotton, wool felt, spandex


Misc Pieces by Dead Guy The Kid

uVZiON personal interactive stream

Full streams can be viewed here